Seven women tested Age Perfect Cell Renew for three weeks. Was their skin fresher, more radiant and full of life?


An office and account support manager, Jo leads a busy life, working, socialising with friends, walking her dogs and meeting her partner at the weekends. She admits that she has been very lucky with her skin, with few problems, but now she is 50 she has begun to worry about fine lines and wrinkles and has noticed that having the right moisturiser is really important.

Elaine & Sharron

These 60-year-old twins lead a glamorous lifestyle—just back from celebrating their birthday in Vegas. Outside of her work as an Inventory Clerk Elaine goes running and does yoga, while Sharron (who runs her own beauty salon) loves tennis. Both have always worn make-up, which they religiously remove before bed, while Elaine’s beauty essential is a good moisturiser.


As an antiques dealer Gill, 51, works six or seven days each week and her job is fairly physical, hoisting furniture, painting and driving. Other exercise includes dog walking—in all weathers! Her ‘normal’ skin can get dry on the forehead, but her routine is simple; rinse with water, use a cleanser about once a fortnight and a daily moisturiser. She likes to switch skin products regularly.


A vicar’s wife, and regular volunteer and charity fund-raiser, Claire has also brought up four children. Now 51, they live in rural Oxfordshire but life is anything but slow—she gardens, cooks, knits, keeps chickens, paints and plays the piano. ‘I hate not doing anything,’ she says. Good skin runs in her family and she has a simple routine of soap and water and moisturising cream.


At 57 Pam may be retired but she runs and goes to the gym a few times a week. Her frequent travels have taken her husky sledding in the arctic, horse trekking across Mongolia and walking the Jordanian desert. Her once sensitive skin has settled down with age, but does get dehydrated. Wrinkles and freckles reveal sun damage from over the years.


64-year-old Daphne works in London as a financial PA, but outside work she loves to play tennis. Looking good is important to her and she invests in haircuts and make-up. She has been using a daily moisturiser since she was 16, and and nowadays won’t go out in the sun ‘without a high sun screen and a large hat!’